Let us get under your skin!
Let us get under your skin!



*New Happy Hour Specials*


New Happy Hour Thursday-Friday from 12-4pm get any
piercing above the waist for $20plus a $2 set up fee and
$50 for any piercing below the belt plus a $2 set up fee 
per piercing.  Nika the Piercer works
Wednesday -Sunday and soon Ace will be doing the 
Piercings on her day off Tuesday very soon but right 
now we are not gonna be open for piercings on 
tuesdays for a couple weeks, only tattoos that day.


***We only do one discount on piercing if on sale***


All Piercings are $15 plus a $2 set up fee on Wednesdays except  Genital Piercings.  We do not do  Snake eyes and cheek piercings at all. 




Eyebrow  $25

Anti Eyebrow $30

Earlobe(s) $20/$25 (both)

Cartilage   $25 + $15 ADD’L

Industrial  $45

Tragus  $30

Anti Tragus  $30

Daith  $35

Rook $35

Conch $30

Snug $30

Orbital  $40

Transverse Lobe $50

Bridge/Erl $30

Nasallang  $45

High Nostril  $20/$30 (both)

Nostril  $20

Septum  $30

Labret/Lowbret  $25

Inverted Labret $30

Ashley $30

Monroe $30

Medusa/Philtrum $30

Smiley/Frowny  $30

Angel Bites  $50

Dahlia  $50

Snake Bites $50

Canine Bites $80

Viper $50

Spider Bites  $50/$80 for 4

Tongue   $30/ + $15 for Each Addition

Frenulum/Tongue Web  $30

Snake Eyes   $45

Nipples $30/$55 (both)

Belly Button $30


Surface (surface barbell) $45

Nape  $45

Vamire Bite/Neck $45

Madison/Between Clavicles  $45

Double Clavicle $60


If the piercing you want is not listed you can call for pricing or to see if we do it which we do almost all of them.


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