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Let us get under your skin!
Let us get under your skin!

Welcome to Live Through This Tattoos & Piercing Studio & Tattoo & Piercing Supply Shop

For Real Tattoo & Piercing Lovers we have a new offer for you which will work like a membership.  We are still experimenting with this and we have sold about 20 memberships and its working out for everyone so we will try to sell 20 more so this is the 2  deals we are offering!


Deal #1


For $1499 you will get 1 full year of 45% off of  all of our regular priced Tattoo and Piercing Service we offer.  The way it works is once you pay the membership fee, the day  you get your first tattoo or piercing you will get your pass and your year starts the next day!  This covers anything you want and you just pay 55% of the cost of the tattoo (Our Tattoos are prepriced)  and then the only extra fees are for supplies for each tattoo from $7, $14, $21, or $28 and all tattoo come with 3 colors.  The only other fees that would be involved are the same extra fees we charge everyone else for things like $20 and up for more then 3 colors in your tattoo but its only more then 2 in big color work tattoos.  Then $50-$100 extra for black light ink highlights.  $20 and up for tattoo cover ups.  $20 extra for hand, fingers, elbow, knee, ear, lip, foot and neck tattoos. Those areas also do not come with a free touch up like we do If you get a tattoo anywhere else. You have no limit to how many time you can get a tattoo or a piercing and the set up fee for piercings is only $2 or $10 for Dermals.  Besides all of the thousands you will be saving you will still be getting all your loyalty points everytime you spend $60  or more on a tattoo, so you can rack up points all year long and then when your year is up you will have a lot of half off your next tattoo coupons up to a $300 discount with 5 points, all the way up to $1200 off with 20 points. On top of all this you will also be able to bring all your friends and family on their Birthday's, and Christmas and they will get your discount, and for your partner they can use it again on yalls anniversary! So if your a Serious Tattoo lover then you know how many thousands you will save! 


Deal # 2

For $1199 You will get everything listed above but only for yourself!


If your interested in this deal, call or text 210-777-7942 and you can pay either Apple Pay to that phone number, or  cash app ($freemoversguy)  James is my name, or you can come to the shop and pay In cash or credit card online or in person but there is a 4% credit card surcharge, or we have an ATM in the Shop! 


Contact Us Today!

   Live Through This Tattoos & Piercing Studio & Tattoo & Piercing Supply Shop
619 SW 24th Street        Suite 101
San Antonio, TX 78207             


Phone: 2106010451

Owner: 2107777942


E-mail: Livethroughthistattoos@gmail.com

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