Let us get under your skin!
Let us get under your skin!

Pricing and Specials

Matching tattoo special everyday for you and your friends!
Get the first tattoo at regular price and get any addition matching
tattoos after that at 25% off but they all must be the same size. 
2x2 Tuesday -Get any 2x2 inch tattoo for $40

3x3 Wednesday-Get any 3x3 inch tattoo for $80

4x4 Thursday-Get any 4x4 inch tattoo for $125

5x5 Friday-Get ant 5x5 inch tattoo for $225

6x6 Saturday-Get any 6x6 inch tattoo for $325 

Sunday Funday Specials everyhting we had on sale during the 
week is on sale on Sundays so bring your friends and loved ones
and get new tattoos at a great rate! 
The Sleeve special is ending on May 31, 2019
Half sleeves are on special for $575 and full sleeves are $1000
*************Be Extra add Water Color or Black light ink*************
Add water color for $20 extra
New blacklight tattoos now available which are 100%
safe and is formulated to last longerthen regular tattoo ink!
$150 an hour for black light ink tattoos only with invisible ink or
black light color ink or both with a 1 hour minimum
$50 for black light ink tattoo highlights for tattoos 4x4 and smaller
$100 for black light ink tattoo highlights for tattoos 5x5-6x6 inches
If you want to pay hourly for your regular tattoo you may do so,
the hourly rate is $100 an hour with a 1 hour minimun 
Regular Pricing
*The tattoos do not need to be 
these exact measurements just as long as it equals
the same square inches it will be that price*
for example the 4x4 inch tattoo can be 5x3 inches
or the 2x2 can be 3x1 for a name just for example
and so on becuse every tattoo is different
2x2 inch you call it tattoos $60
3x3 inch you call it tattoos $100
4x4 inch you call it tattoos $150
5x5 inch you call it tattoos $250
6x6 inch you call it tattoos $350
7x7 inch you call it tattoos $500
8x8 inch you call it tattoos $650
Half Sleeve
Small Arm $750
Medium Arm $850
Large Arm $950
Full Sleeve
Small Arm $1400
Medium Arm $1500
Large Arm $1600


Prices for portraits 
4x4 inch Portraits $210
5x5 inch Portraits $350
6x6 inch Portraits $490
7x7 inch Portraits $630
8x8 inch Portraits $770

For larger tattoos please send in your artwork with the
dimensions you would like it to 210-601-0451 for accurate pricing
or come stop by the shop to get a quote or email us
at livethroughthistattoos@gmail.com.
Tap out sessions Tuesday -Thursday are $650 or $800 on weekends



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