Let us get under your skin!
Let us get under your skin!

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Starting March 1st-Friday the 13th come on in & get your personalized 2x2 inch Tattoos for $13+$7 supplies set up fee for black & White tattoos or if you want full color it will be $40, & you can get what ever you want you do not have to pick from a list of tattoos that some random person made up & have to be stick with that for the rest of your life, or get $13 piercings plus a $2 set up fee of your choice of piercing & its on any piercing & there is no limit on how many you can buy except the Dermal or genital piercings those are not included in this sale. This does not include the tip, tips are greatly appericiated. The tattoos does not have to be 2x2 inch tattoos it can also be 3x1 inch as long as it equals the same square inches it will be that price & there are no other fees unless you want water color that is $20 extra and cover ups have an extra $20 fee. No realism tattoos are allowed in this sale and you can not put a lot of lines close together in a small tattoo or it will cause a blow out and look like a blob when it heals, so it would be best to have a few options ready to choose from. Come now so you do not have to wait for hours on the 13th. We are fully staffed and we are the only studio that allows you to come in early to make sure you can get in on this tradition with out the frustration of waiting in long lines & we give you what ever you want it does not have to be related to anything its your choice, we are just not taking different things from different tattoos and adding it to one so please have your tattoos ready. We will be selling rain checks in store and online e-gift cards with this link for tattoos and piercings and there is no limit on how many you can purchase, but you have 2 months to claim it or it turns into a store credit that you can use on anything!


Use this link to purchase rain checks for friday the 13th $13 tattoos plus the $7 set up for for a total of $20 per tattoo



Use this link to purchase rain checks for friday the 13th Full color 2x2 inch Tattoos for $40



Use this link to purchase rain checks for friday the 13th $13 Piercings plus the $2 set up fee


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