Let us get under your skin!
Let us get under your skin!

New Loyalty Rewards Program

You can use this link to sign up for our loyalty program and to check your status as well!




We Love all of our clients and we want to prove it by being the only Tattoo Studio in town offering a loyalty program to all of our clients!  The way it works is with every time you come in and get a new tattoo you will recieve 1 loyalty point, no matter how much you spend.  When you get 5 points you can get half off your next tattoo up to a $300 discount! So for example if your new tattoos is gonna cost $600 with your reward you will get $300 off so all you will have to pay is just $300 for that $600 tattoo, or if you use it to get a smaller tattoo that cost $150 then you can use your discount to get it half off so that $150 tattoo will now be $75!  There is no limit to how may rewards you can get, you can get this reward for every 5 times you come in the studio and it is with any artist of your choice and any tattoo of your choice.  Currently we offer double loyalty points Tuesday -Friday from 12-4 during our happy hour so you can get to your reward twice as fast.  The only thing we charge extra for is cover ups, water color, and black light ink. So let us reward you for your loyalty and if you have been to our shop before no matter the time frame we are going back and adding all your old points next time you come in to our shop and purchase any new tattoo even if it was any of our 2x2 inch size tattoos when they were on sale when we first opened becuse yall where there for us supporting our new small business, so we just wanna show you how much that means to us and we wanna give back to each and every one of yall! Thank you and We love yall for that! 



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