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Let us get under your skin!
Let us get under your skin!

New Loyalty Rewards Program

***New Yearly Birthday Reward***


You can use this link to sign up for our loyalty program and to check your status as well!




We Love all of our clients and we want to prove it by being the only Tattoo Studio in town offering a loyalty program to all of our clients!  

With our loyalty program you have to spend $60.00 which is our lowest priced tattoo (or $60 on Anything) to get 1 point and you start getting rewarded at 3 points. below is our new loyalty program reward chart, which you can clearly see how much we value all of our clients and give back to you. It is designed to give you back exactly what you have given to us if you were to always get $60 tattoos when you get 5 points then you get half off your next tattoo up to a $300 discount, but now we are giving you even larger rewards up to $1,200 off when you get 20 points! 


For all Rewards we just require that you leave us a Review on any Site like Facebook, Google, Yelp, or BBB, or anyother site, and for our long term customers once you do them all you will not have to do them anymore & If you do it before you come in and claim any of your rewards you can take a screen shot of your review and just show it to us. 


***New Yearly Birthday Reward***

As long as you have at least 2 points per year you will automatically Qualify to get 50% off your next tattoo up to a $300 Discount for Every Birthday you have! You have your Whole Birthday Month to claim your Reward or if any unforseen medical circumstances comes up or pregnancy we will make an acception for you! 



3 Points 50% off any item in Piercings (up to $100.00 off)

3 Points 50% off any 2x2 inch tattoo (up to $42 off)

3 Points 2 free custom jewelry pieces

5 Points 50% off entire sale (up to $300.00 off)

10 Points 50% off entire sale (up to $600.00 off)

15 Points 50% off entire sale (up to $900.00 off)

20 Points 50% off entire sale (up to $1,200.00 off)



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San Antonio, TX 78207             


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E-mail: Livethroughthistattoos@gmail.com

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