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Let us get under your skin!
Let us get under your skin!

ON SALE NOW!                                                                                                                                                                                  All Piercings are on Sale for $18 each plus a $2 set up fee, with no limit on how many you can get! as a Bonus if you buy 4 piercings or more you will get the piercing jewelry and the upgraded jewelry for each piercing for FREE with no Max Limit! Its for all piercings above the waist, each hole counts as 1 piercing, except for the industrial piercing that counts as one & it does include the Piercing Jewelry. Its all Piercings above the waist including the snake eyes, nipples, & everything else, the Dermal's are also on Sale, get 3 for $99 plus a $21 set up fee! Minors need to bring in either a State ID, or School ID, or Birth Certificate and a parent with Their ID. Crystal Does any & all piercings & Mandi does not do Snake eyes, cheeks, or surface tongue piercings & no tongue piercings what so ever on minors but everything else is ok. Crystal and Mandy are very experienced and friendly come check them out. Walk ins accepted all day long or Appointments ok! If you want to make an appointment you can use this link below & we sell all body Jewelry for every piercing and we have a very large selection of body Jewelry for all body piercings & we have cute af jewelry too! Free Water, Snacks, WIFI, Arcade with over 350 games, Indoor & Outdoor seating, Pretty & Clean Restrooms, Your child policy is our child policy. Cash, Card, Apple/Google Pay, or Cash app accepted.                                                                   https://square.site/book/25B7ZQBDETCYB/live-through-this-tattoo-studio-supply-shop-san-antonio-tx                                                                                                Live Through This Tattoos Piercing Sale Hours are same as shop hours Tuesday-Thursday Noon-930pm Friday-Sunday Noon-1030pm                                          619 Sw 24th street #101                                                     San Antonio, TX 78207                                                       210-601-0451 Call/Text                                                  Crystal's Insta:PrickYourPleasure                                     Crystal's hours: Tuesday Noon-930pm Wednesday-Friday Noon-230pm Saturday and Sunday Noon-1030pm                                                                             Mandi's Insta: Maes.SmallShop                                    Mandi's FB: Mandimae15                                            Mandi's Hours Wednesday-Thursday 230pm-930pm Friday 230pm-1030pm

Contact Us Today!

   Live Through This Tattoos & Piercing Studio & Tattoo & Piercing Supply Shop
619 SW 24th Street        Suite 101
San Antonio, TX 78207             


Phone: 2106010451

Owner: 2107777942


E-mail: Livethroughthistattoos@gmail.com

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